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We're launching a new series of expert insights 3 Questions With… and it's great to kick it off with the first entry of expert insights from Mariia Rekachinskaia, Line Maintenance mechanic. It's also symbolic as she's the first female in the unit!

What Are The Challenges you are facing conducting Maintenance And Repair Work?  The main challenge that I encountered after graduating to the specialty of maintenance and repair of planes and engines is not a challenge of doing any repair works - it is the challenge of finding a job by my profession because my specialty is prohibited for women in Russia. I was looking for work for a very long time, I called in various MRO's and tried to prove that I could handle this work, but everything was in vain. All companies unanimously said that they would not work with a woman. So, I went to work in ground handling and worked there for 1,5 years, because only there I could work with airplanes.  What was the path that led you to Magnetic MRO? Due to these problems, I started looking for a job in another country. I sent my CV to Magnetic MRO, and after that, I was invited a skype interview. A week later, a miracle happened - I was offered the position of a mechanic in line maintenance, as I dreamed. I started to prepare documents, made a visa, and after 3 months I took my 2 cats, and we moved to Tallinn, and from 04.09 I started working in Magnetic MRO. What are the main requirements from customers in your line of work? How do you make sure MMRO and your team (you) accommodate those requirements?  Firstly, this is profile education. You need to know the design and all systems of the aircraft you work on. Knowledge of English language is also required because we work on foreign airplanes, and all technical documentation is written in English. Also, you need to be ready to work on night shifts, at a fast pace, on the apron in any weather and be stress-resistant. Every day we prove in practice our qualifications and high training level. Because every time we start challenging works and achieve excellent results, I make sure that MMRO and my team and my team accommodate all the requirements.