Faces of Magnetic: Andrius Griešnovas

Magnetic Assets

Andrius Griešnovas, Sales Manager at Magnetic Trading, with over 17 years of sales experience, finds working at Magnetic Group the most exciting and prosperous experience of his career. Find out what makes working at Magnetic Trading so fulfilling throughout Andrius's eyes as we feature Andrius Griešnovas as this month's Face of Magnetic!

How did you start your career path in aviation?

Before Magnetic Group, I worked in sales, but nothing with aviation. I was invited to a job interview three years ago, and here I am – and I find aviation to be a very exciting industry to work in!

What do you find the most exciting in your line of work? Most challenging? How do you tackle those challenges?

The most challenging and, at the same time, most exciting part while working in the Spare Parts Department is that many orders are incredibly urgent. In addition to that, clients and suppliers often come from different time zones. Thus, for one part, it's early morning; for the other - late evening, when you are trying to close the deal. But in the end, all situations are somehow similar, so this is what helps tackle the challenges.

What do you find to be the main strengths of the Magnetic Trading team?

I think that the main strength of the Trading team is its different personalities. Everybody here has their own unique experiences and working style. While some work better with European clients, others succeed in the USA or Asia. It takes different skills to build relationships with airlines, stock builders, or other MROs. Some are good at selling, others at buying. Various styles and versatility let us achieve the best results. 

What would you name the key achievements of the team (this year)?

As this year's key team achievement, I would name our ability to unite and reorient to the new markets and clients. When the war in Ukraine started, we lost a few of our large clients. But just in several months, we managed to find new customers and increase the sales.

How do you evaluate your experience working at Magnetic?

My experience was almost exclusively positive. During these three years, I had the opportunity to work with all continents, time zones, and very different cultures. I have been working in sales for 17 years now, but have never had such a rich experience.

Besides work, what are your hobbies or special interests?

I like to travel a lot; also, I am a keen reader. Trading and investing are my newest hobbies. Also, a stroll in the forest and listening to birds is what refreshes me.