A new year with a BANG: Magnetic MRO launches new brand, Magnetic Engines, and holds virtual workshop opening event

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a global provider of Total Technical Care for aircraft operators and lessors, has launched a new brand, Magnetic Engines, and have opened the new workshop facility in Tallinn, Estonia. Company has invited many partners and clients to the virtual launch event which was broadcasted online across multiple platforms.

Magnetic MRO has been providing engine repair and overhaul services for many years, but since the expansion in 2020, after the company has acquired an extensive amount of tooling and increased their capabilities, the launch of the new brand has been a natural next step. Magnetic Engines has CAAC certificate as well as EASA and FAA approval for modular maintenance of CFM56-3, CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B engines with capabilities on Fan modules, LPT major module and Core hot section modules (including replacement of combustion chamber) which all were acquired in 2020. ''Demand to accommodate more engines for repair was rising ever since we have started working on engines and it coincided with our short-term plans to relocate the shop to a new location. A perfect solution was found within Tallinn airport site. With more than 300 square meters and dedicated office space, our new facility is just what we need. In our new premises, we are able to accommodate up to 10 engines at a time (for work and storage). A separate space is available for our tooling & equipment as well as for modules piece parts inspection, which is newly added service of Magnetic Engines)," shared Zoran Bozic, Business Manager at Magnetic Engines. ''We are able to meet customer's expectations by offering more slots, more flexibility with inductions and freshly refurbished storage area for their valuable assets. In the current situation with unprecedented fall of the passenger traffic around the world which affects all the airlines and the leasing companies, we strongly believe that demand for light and hospital repairs will grow even high as the airlines and asset owners would be trying to optimize its cash flow and perform lighter repairs or modular replacements where possible postponing overhauls for the future,'' shared Alexey Ivanov, Executive Sales Director at Magnetic Engines. At the virtual launch event, Risto Mäeots, CEO at Magnetic MRO, expressed: “Magnetic has gained positive track record on asset management – everything from buying, selling, exchange, teardown and building custom assets. This valuable know-how, combined with capital makes us right choice for leasing companies and asset owners, who are facing ageing portfolios and painful impairments. They deserve a technical partner, who is open to co-invest where needed in order to micromanage their assets and maximize the yields – they deserve Magnetic Engines. Show me another MRO who is willing to have ‘own skin in the game’.“ In 2020, engine department had over 70 engine repair related events, including top case repairs, fan and hot-section module replacements, preservation and other. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkFKfqaCIDM&feature=youtu.be[/embed]