EngineStands24 launch the new virtual platform for seamless global engine stands lease

Magnetic Assets

EngineStands24, a brand of Magnetic Group, has recently launched the new virtual aircraft engines stands lease platform which allows to shorten the engine stand lease process and gives the opportunity to clients to search, reserve and lease engine stand as well as to secure its delivery in just a few clicks.

Newly launched platform aims to provide customers with seamless engine stands lease process, with the ability to reserve engine stand for the future lease virtually with options to choose from available stands from various locations, also providing real-time data about the availability around various EngineStands24 hubs around the globe. The new website also has new functionalities for customers who signed General Terms Agreement with the company, providing simplified booking process. These modifications to the e-platform were created after the market research which pinpointed the most sought of solutions from the customers.

“We aimed educate the industry about the importance of the well managed engine stands pool and also to provide the innovative, time and cost-saving solutions for those in need to lease engine stands – and the updated e-platform in the world which is getting more and more digital was a natural strategic step,” said Daiva Zemaite, Head of EngineStands24.

Since the pandemic, the company has experienced the growth in business as due to the global lockdowns and aircrafts being grounded around the globe, the need for engine stands spiked. Responding to the increased demand, EngineStands24 has also updated their stand pool with stands for both narrow-and widebody aircraft engines. In addition, company has equipped its stands tracking system, allowing customers to track stand movement in real-time.