Anniversary interview with Ilja and Maksim - The Engine Team that travels the world

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Whenever looking at the plane, most of us think it is somewhat majestic – and the same thing can be said about the engines. Engines are complex, fascinating and rather challenging – but for Ilja Manusha and Maksim Novoshinski, engine line maintenance mechanics, engines are also very much rewarding. And on top of that – it is the job that takes you to many new places!

We sat down with both of them – not only to learn a bit more of what’s new at the engine workshop, but also to take them back the memory lane, since Ilja is celebrating his five-Magnetic-years work anniversary while Maksim has already been part of Magnetic family for over 12 years!

Q: Guys, it’s pretty busy at the engine workshop – thanks for allowing some time for a chat! Let’s start with both of you sharing your path that led you to aviation – and Magnetic? Maksim: It’s been 12 years for me here – I’ve started when Magnetic was AME (Air Maintenance Estonia). It was somewhat regular start – I saw an advert in the newspaper I found at my in-law apartment and decided to give it a go. At that time, there were around 90 candidates to 17 placements, and we had to do various tests as part of the recruitment process. After we were selected, 15 months of training and working followed, which set the base for my aviation career. Ilja: My father was working at an aviation company, so it’s safe to say I followed his footsteps and started working in one company right after graduating from school. It was quite a big company at that time, meaning I trained to work on different types of aircraft, from turboprops to business jets. However, the company went bankrupt and five years ago I started fresh here, being part of Magnetic team. Q: You both have been working here long enough to notice some changes in the company over those years. What was the most challenging, or maybe most interesting change for you? Ilja: Indeed, there was quite a lot of changes, especially the last couple of years has been very dynamic: we have expanded engine shop capabilities quite drastically, so there was a lot of work in order to prepare for such expansion, including additional training. From this spring, we can offer 40+ new services – trust me, that’s quite the addition to the previous capabilities! Maksim: I can only agree with Ilja, last couple of years was a sprint rather than a marathon. But the exciting one! Aside from the changes within our department, there has been a lot of big steps for a company as a whole – we opened a dedicated painting hangar in Tallinn Airport, MAC Aero Interiors production was moved to Tallinn, and that’s just a very few to mention! Q: How these changes have affected your daily work? Maksim: Made it even more exciting! To be honest, it all depends on what you – and company can do – so with changes, there’s more workload. And we welcome that – we always did what we can do and a bit more. Q: In your opinion, what challenges and new opportunities the expansion of engine shop capabilities due to arrival of new tooling will bring? Maksim: It is always a challenge when you get new capabilities. First of all, because you need to get clients, secondly you need to get totally prepared for certain jobs, get everything working like a clock. And then thirdly, you have to maintain the standard that extinguishes you from the whole industry and creates the trust-bond with your customers. Q: That sounds like a challenge you are willing to take upon! Let’s move a bit from the recent expansion and look back at the best memories with Magnetic MRO. What comes to your mind first? Ilja: A lot of travelling! This work is dynamic and it takes you to so many new places. I can’t tell which one was the best, but in general, this opportunity to work on engines in various locations sums to be my favourite ongoing memory. Maksim: For me, although travelling is also great, the fondest moments was first few years, summers, when there were so many new people coming in, a lot of communication, a lot of interaction. It still happens now, but probably because it was my first steps in aviation and the company, it felt so fresh, so new and so exciting. Q: That does sound like a good start of the career indeed! For the end, can you share your thoughts on what personal skills are the most important for those who’d like to be working at Magnetic – and even alongside your dream-team? Maksim: Positive and friendly, willing to communicate – these are the key skills for those who want to take career steps in aviation. Ilja: I think that readiness to learn all the time is also very important. It’s aviation – things move so quickly here, including some technologies, so knowledge always has to be refreshed to stay at the top.