#3QuestionsWith – Justas Celkonas

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Since the new Total Asset Management Program has been launched in early 2021, sporting the idea of an effective and cost-saving solution for clients looking for A to Z support with their assets, our team has been working actively in providing a top-notch experience for clients. In our #3QuestionsWith feature Justas Celkonas, Business Development Manager, Asset Trading & Leasing, is one from the team behind crafting this program, is sharing a few of his insights about how the program kicked off and what plans the team has for nearest future.

What responses and requests have you received so far for a newly launched asset management program? Based on our program strategy and responses after the launch, we have clearly identified our customer now - small and middle-size operators with more complex than the usual type of operation: widely spread home bases, various aircraft platforms, more than one AOCs. Asset maintenance events are rather rare than regular practice for such operators.  This is when our support is helping the most, supplementing with experience gained through the daily work we do. Our flexibility allows us to adjust our program to special requirements like assets provided to on-site stock in different home bases – and the tailoring to specific customer needs is one of the main requests from clients now. Do you have any other plans for the future in terms of introducing new programs for clients or similar? We established that on-site stock of asset like APUs are often required – thus, it became a common bullet point when offering our asset management programs. With this in mind, we are looking to include it into the standard scope of service with easy to budget financial terms.  Do you see an increase or decrease in demand at the current period? Are vaccinations, flight operators summer plans etc., affecting the workscope? Naturally, the past year environment affected on assets business as it is reflecting the stagnation of the aviation industry. We see an increase in demands over the last months, which naturally follows the rise of operations in May, clearly affected by ongoing vaccination and re-opening. As everyone within aviation – and other industries – we hope this marks the recovery phase, and the flight operations – as well as demand for maintenance and asset management tasks – will continue to increase.