Magnetic MRO participated in one of the most popular science show in Estonia - Rakett69

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a Total Technical Care and asset management organization participated in one of Estonias most popular science show Rakett69 that filmed its season 10 episode 12 at Magnetic MRO base hangar in Tallinn, Estonia. The main focus of the show was a Boeing 737 aircraft. The episode, called "Airplanes" was aired on April 18th. Magnetic MRO HR manager, Ene Krinpus is a true fan of Rakett69 and according to her the show should intrigue all youngsters with technical interests but also all other aviation enthusiasts who are interested in making a change in their career. She adds that working in aviation might seem like a big unachievable dream but actually it is much easier - Magnetic MRO Apprenticeship program in cooperation with Estonian Aviation Academy can train aircraft mechanics in two years. "The cooperation with Rakett69 show was in our minds for several years and finally at season 10, it came true even bigger than we could ever plan it. We had a really close look how many young and talented technical enthusiasts there are in Estonia and we believe that with this we can show what really goes on inside Magnetic MRO big blue hangars at Tallinn Airport", says Ene Krinpus, but also adds that due to special situation around the world all recruiting processes are unfortunately postponed. "Everyone who would like to come to study and work with us has to wait a bit longer, but I promise that all of it is worth the wait, because the true career adventure starts at Magnetic MRO", promised Krinpus. There was a large number of Magnetic MRO engineers along with Rakett69 science team who contributed to the making of this show. The aim was to come up with aviation-related exciting tasks that young people interested in science and technology are able and inspired to solve. The show was entirely filmed at Magnetic MRO's biggest, base maintenance hangar and all of the tasks were performed using a life-sized Boeing 737 CL aircraft, that was an exciting addition to both, the contestants and the whole production team. Magnetic MRO Senior Airworthiness Engineer, Talvar Tari also made a big role in the show by being one of the co-hosts and guest judge. According to Ene Krinpus,  Talvar, who studied in the United States to become an aeronautical engineer is known as one big-hearted person with a very comprehensive aviation knowledge.

“Being a co-host and guest judge on one of the most popular science shows in Estonia is a true honour and also one of the most challenging ways to introduce aviation to a wider crowd. As not many people have the chance to work with actual aircraft and its systems, then it was also challenging for the participants - well done to all of the bright-minded contestants! Even if only one young Estonian finds their way to aviation watching this show then my mission here is fulfilled,” says Talvar.

You can see the show in Estonian, here: