Apprentice interview with Karel Kuristik and Karl Pihlapsoo

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Our managers have been giving lectures on Aviation Maintenance Management to Estonian Aviation Academy students. Now two of these students are working with us - Karel Kuristik, Outgoing inspector, and Karl Pihlapsoo, Logistician. We had a chat with them about the lectures and working in Magnetic Group.

What was the course about? Who were the lecturers?

The course was about Aviation Maintenance Management, which for the second year was conducted by Magnetic MRO managers and specialists of special areas, like Management, HR, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain, Design and manufacturing.

What did you know about Magnetic Group before the course? 

Karl: I had heard some things from school but not much. My friend's brothers worked in Magnetic Group, that's how I got to know about it for the first time. They always told funny stories that had happened there and how the company is like a big family, which I think was a good reason for me to keep the company name in my mind for the future.
Karel: Before the course, I think I knew about Magnetic Group as much as a regular person: some hangars in Tallinn Airport for aircraft maintenance. I had no idea how many subsidiaries there actually are. 

What was the most exciting new information that you got from these lectures?

Karl: The most exciting thing for me was that I saw guys, who had just graduated a few years ago, already worked in a good position. It showed me that the company respects young people who have just graduated school and help them to improve for the future.
Karel: For me, the most exciting was knowing how many different subsidiaries there are actually in the company. When the first opinion was that this company was only for technicians, then the course showed me that everyone could be more than helpful in that company: logistics, sales, interior design, planning and so on.

What made you want to join Magnetic Group?

Karl: While searching for a job, I had one important rule for the company - the company has to grow or at least have plans for it. A company that wants to grow will have more challenges in the future and possibly better and more exciting job positions for me that I would like to take.
Karel: I don't know why, but I always wanted to be a part of Magnetic Group. I think I knew that this was the place for me to show myself, learn new skills and show my team-player skills.

As you had the course in EAVA and now are working in Magnetic Group – does it meet your expectations? 

Karl: I have been here for three weeks, so I can't answer that yet, but I can say that the job I applied for is great and works for me. Though, I still have an eye on the sales team, where I'd like to move on one day.
Karel: After the course, I realized how many positions you have in that company. At first, I had no idea what to apply for, I only knew that logistics would be the place for me. I was hired to work in outgoing goods in stock which for me was perfect, to see how things work downstairs gives you a whole new perspective. I've been really happy about it, I can really learn how things work actually, and I've met so many awesome people with whom I have such a pleasure working with.