3 Questions With Martynas Balsys

Magnetic Group

Over the past few years, the Covid-19 pandemic influenced almost everything: it transformed industries, shaped human interactions, and created new work dynamics worldwide. The Sales Team Lead at Magnetic Trading, Martynas Balsys, shares his experience of working from home as well as his expert insights about crucial factors, allowing the team to meet the required goals and the promising recovery of the Spare Parts and Assets industry.

What have team management practices been implemented in the Trading department? What are the key benefits of these practices, how do they affect productivity and general team well-being? 

Martynas Balsys: We have strong sales and sales support teams that bring exceptional synergy and keeps the process relatively smooth. Consequently, we do not have some concrete team management practices in the department. As we all have different tactics and methods, as sales managers, we have complete freedom to run our sales as we see the best. Because at the end of the day, we are all oriented in the same goal – budget and keeping our customers satisfied. In fact, sales managers are provided with the freedom of planning their daily schedule. This allows them to be more productive and efficient by picking spheres where their individual strength prevails. The opportunity to use our strongest sides results in “Catching the agreed goals”. Thus, I believe that this freedom and trust that management provides for each sales manager is the best practice, generating excellent results.

How has the pandemic changed the work dynamic? Did you implement some new working routines, traditions that allow the team to stay connected during a pandemic? 

MB: Like the rest of the world, we had to adapt to a new reality and to do so quite fast. As predicted, regular office work was transferred to home offices, resulting in the change of outside of the mind and daily routines. To keep the team spirit, we gathered two times a week: the first meeting was for discussing work and challenges, the second one – “Online Friday Breakfast”. During the latter, we just touched easy topics, were telling jokes, etc. I believe these Friday meetings helped us maintain our social side and keep a pulse about things happening in the aviation market.

How has the pandemic changed the Spare parts trading industry? Do you see the increase in demand as flights are picking up after most countries have eased travel restrictions, or there is still a lot of hesitation? What changes impacted by the pandemic are here to stay?

MB: Pandemic itself forced us to think and act differently, and we needed to adapt to the new reality to survive. It was not an easy task, and everyone had different challenges, but we survived and still brought the numbers. Thus, I do not doubt that we succeeded and became even stronger than ever. Also, starting with the year 2021, the Spare Parts and Assets industry turned the top gear. Airlines began preparing for the summer season. As a result, the demand for spare parts rocketed. Even in summer months such as July and August, which usually were relatively slow in previous years, this year, regarding the demand, the months were exceptionally active. As the world adapted to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we also learned how to live in this new environment. I want to believe that the situation of airlines grounding most of their fleet when the pandemic started will not happen again. However, even if a similar situation would occur, this time we are prepared, as we already have the experience of handling it.