From high school student to aircraft mechanic - in a heartbeat

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Meet Kevin Parras, who is graduating the two-year Magnetic MRO and Estonian Aviation Academy Apprenticeship program this January and is glad to continue his career as an aircraft mechanic at Magnetic MRO. 


Big airplanes, their engines and hangars at the airports are a big interest to all aviation enthusiasts, no doubt. And to get into this magical aviation business, you don’t have to have a special aviation background or education, because Magnetic MRO in cooperation with Estonian Aviation Academy is providing its own aircraft mechanic training program. All you need is technical interest and devotion. After two years of work-based learning with a mentor, you are able to work on your own as an aircraft mechanic. To give an overview of the study process, we sat down with Kevin, and he was glad to share his new experience with us.

“Honestly, at first, I had no idea what I was getting involved with when I applied for the program a few years back. I didn't know what to expect. I had a strong will to learn new things, and gather experiences – aviation is a huge business, and there is a lot to learn”, says Kevin on how he first started in the program. He also says that the whole progress was rather challenging and interesting, but nothing he couldn’t overcome. “This study might not be for everyone, but I definitely encourage the ones that are interested in the field to try, especially when you know that the study ensures a steady workplace after graduation”, he assures.  


Kevin also believes that the apprenticeship program is a great opportunity to start a journey in the aviation industry. “I think it is a really quick way to build yourself up and start a lifelong career.” All that in mind, Kevin doesn’t hide the fact, that in the academic point of view, there is no bachelor’s degree involved, yet, but for him personally it is not a priority.

We also asked Kevin what the most challenging part of the program was. “Most challenging was the fact that once you start with the program, you have to go all in. It is time-consuming. Within two years you have to work full-time, and also take part in classes and module exams. It needs a lot of effort, but it is all worth it because, after only two years, you will have a profession that in my opinion, lasts for a lifetime.”

As far as flying goes, Kevin told us that he has never been afraid of flying, but since he started to work as an aircraft mechanic, he must say that he is even less scared now. “The way everything is regulated and the care that people put into their work is just wonderful. Keep it up!”