Anniversary interview with Marko Lindmaa

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Welcome to our anniversary interview with Magnetic MRO's Line Maintenance Coordinator Marko Lindmaa. Marko has been an integral part of the company for five years, celebrating his "workiversary" this November!

To mark that important milestone, our Marketing and Communication team asked a few questions about his work in the company, his way to aviation and how working in Magnetic changed his life. Q: Marko, congratulations on this special occasion! So it's been five years already since you started working at Magnetic! Marko Lindmaa: Yes, that's quite exciting! A funny thing to mention – when I came for the interview five years ago, it was with Air Maintenance Estonia, but when I started, I kicked off with Magnetic MRO already!  Q: Tell us a bit more on your position here at Magnetic! Where did you start? ML: I started as a storeman for a year, then became Outgoing and Outstations Coordinator. I've been in this position up until 2019 when I became Line Maintenance Coordinator. Q: So this year's significant not only for the work anniversary but also because of the changes! Tell us how do you find your experience working at Magnetic? ML: Working in Magnetic has been a ride. A very challenging ride. And also a journey which I am willing to take again and again. I know that I will always be related to this company and I don't have anything to be regret. In Magnetic, you will create your future yourself. And it doesn't matter if your background or level you started in - you can create your future, and that is all that counts. Q: It's incredible to hear that you are happy with all the challenges working here has presented you with! I bet there's a lot of challenges still in your daily work! What are your main daily tasks and responsibilities? ML: It is tough to describe my current work tasks easily. Working as a Line Maintenance Coordinator (or MCC as most of the Magnetic employees recognize us), is very vital. You need to be aware of everything that is happening in the Line Maintenance department. And not only - having an overview of everything that's ongoing in other departments, is very crucial. You need to be an excellent organizer and keeping a sensitive mind. Or you will fail. Easy as that. The line Maintenance department is definitely the most vital department I have ever seen in Magnetic. Fast thinking and jumping into the waves in front of your head - this is us.  Q: This does sound very dynamic! What about the recent projects you are working on? And how are you managing those projects in such an active environment? ML: Currently, I am involved with our department biggest project so far - Finnair. And I can easily say that this is my milestone. Coming from the zero and learning new things every day - is not the easy life we all wish. But I have the best teachers in the world. I like saying that "Every master was once a beginner". Anyway – long story long, I am helping Finnair project runners as much as I can. I try to keep specific tasks on my shoulder, so check runners can concentrate on their work. I think that they don't need to worry about the workforce and their accommodation, flight tickets, timesheets or other things which are related to smooth and efficient work. As I have quite a strong background from the logistics department, then I am also helping with all materials and shipping related tasks. There are a lot of things on my table, which might not be so significant, but I am trying to help Finnair project to stay on successful track as much as I can, so we can shake our hands at the end of this year, saying, that "We did it!". However, it is hard to list all the things which I am doing daily - I am part of the team, and without a team, I am nobody. We all are doing everything, and this altogether makes the result in the evening. That's the attitude that also helps in such a dynamic pace.  Q: That's the spirit! You mentioned you came to aviation from zero – can you tell us a bit more about the path that led you to this dynamic aviation industry? ML: Basically… It just happened. I graduated from the trade school in 2006 as a carpenter and furniture restorer. Yeah - according to papers I am a carpenter. I went to university to become a craft education teacher, but in 2007 I saw an advertise from Estonian Air - "Looking for Ground Handling workers" and something clicked in my head. And there I was - Check-in agent for Estonian Air. Time went by, and during the years I climbed a little up the ladder and 2011 I found myself coordinating ground handling services for private and cargo flights under Tallinn Airport GH. But as I had some friends in Panaviatic, then it felt apparent to try Ground Handling Coordinator position there. So 2012 I applied to work in Panaviatic. It was a pleasure but working there was very intense - customers didn't care if it was Christmas or New Year's Eve - if they needed to fly, then I needed to be there. At some point, I felt that such a roster is not for me. And five years ago, I received the call from my first manager – Kaarle, and started my journey with Magnetic. Q: It's an exciting path! However, you seem to have moved from one dynamic position to another. How's this shift has changed your life? ML: Coming to work at Magnetic has definitely changed my life. I started in a minimal capability company and look where we are now. I think this fact speaks for itself. I have grown together with this restructure, and I can say that the hangar floor is not the limit. Q: Very true! What about your best memories from these years?  ML: Each day has been a memory worth to remember. For someone, maybe it is leaving from the office at 16:30 and not thinking about work after that. For me it is opposite. I hate traffic jams, so leaving 16:30 is not an option. Staying late, finishing needed tasks and feeling that things are done, is the most important for me. And so each day has been a great memory. Besides, the highlights of my work have been travels to outstations. Meeting fellow colleagues in different countries are always my favourite missions. Getting familiar with them and at the same time visiting foreign countries - what else you need?! And that's one of many charms of working in aviation!