Achievement unlocked: Magnetic MRO hits the 700th C-Check

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a brand of Magnetic Group celebrates a new milestone – the successful completion of 700th C-Check. The symbolic achievement showcases that, despite the global pandemic, company still going strong.

700th C-Check has been performed on A320 NEO aircraft, operated by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). The aircraft was delivered to Magnetic MRO hangars in Tallinn, Estonia, on 23rd of October and the C-Check has been completed within the few days from the delivery.

“We are delighted to announce this milestone Base Maintenance has passed – it showcase the increase of our pace year-on-year: if previous milestone of 600th check has been achieved after 17 years of Base Maintenance operations in Estonia, then the next 100 checks have been performed just within 2 years despite all the challenges brought by the recent pandemic.

Besides, it is also our pleasure to celebrate this symbolic milestone and 700th C-Check completion on brand new Scandinavian Airline’s A320 NEO aircraft as the operator has been our long-standing client,” shares Sergei Shkolnik, Director of Base Maintenance at Magnetic MRO.