Magnetic Group Opens New Hangar in Tallinn to Increase Line Maintenance Services

Magnetic Group

Magnetic MRO, member of Magnetic Group, opened a new hangar in Tallinn for line maintenance services. The new hangar will increase the line maintenance work capacity by 40%.

The new hangar will add an extra 2000 sqm of hangar space to Magnetic MRO. Additionally, Heavy line maintenance work can increase by 30%. This hangar is equipped to handle various types of line maintenance projects, including A-checks, RTS, landing-gear and engine changes, modifications, and similar work. 

“The hangar is an integral part of the light check work performed by Magnetic Line Tallinn station. The new hangar helps to boost line maintenance services and business as a whole for the Magnetic Maintenance sector, while providing additional resources and services to its customers,” said Jan Kotka, COO of Magnetic Group.

The light hangar was built in lieu of increasing demand for base maintenance services, which because of their longer turnaround times, were occupying most of the space in the existing hangar, leaving few slots for line maintenance.

“With the infrastructure in place, we are expanding through the increase of line maintenance production capacity and overall service portfolio. This new hangar is definitely a rational alternative to a standard MRO hangar. The construction is lightweight and durable, considering applicable wind speeds and snow loads,” said Kaspars Podins, Head of Production of Magnetic Line.

This new hangar plays a large part in Magnetic Group's branding and visual concept. The hangar door is decorated with the creation of Estonian street artist Von Bomb. „We operate in a highly regulated and conservative business sector. Therefore, these kids bring an unexpected twist and underline Magnetic Group's out-of-the-box and human approach. It’s our brand identity. Kids are our future – they are passionate about life, curious, playful, emotional and driven, like all of us at Magnetic,“ added Tiina Shein, Head of Marketing and Communications of Magnetic Group.