Anniversary Interview with Jüri Luist

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Welcome to our Anniversary Interview with Jüri Luist. He works as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in our Tallinn facility and has recently completed his 6th year at Magnetic MRO!

On behalf of celebrating his past years amongst us, Ene Krinpus  (a.k.a. our HR Manager) asked a few moments of Jüri to share his experiences with us.
EK. Hello Jüri! For how many years have you been working at Magnetic MRO (including AME years - before rebranding)? JL: It has been exactly 6 years in September 2018. Nice timing! :) EK: Well, I actually did my homework, you know :) So, tell us, how did you get involved in aviation in the first place? JL: Even when I was a small kid, I always liked dismantling electronics and then trying to put the parts back together or just building something new. I remember even trying to build several unmanned flying machines. Meanwhile I got older and my interest towards mathematics and science grew bigger. When it was time to decide what to do after high school, I started to seek for a career and school to fulfill my personal interests. Then one day I heard of Estonian Aviation Academy, where you could get an education for science and become an expert on fixing doohickey. Quickly after entering the academy, I realized that there is a name for the mixture of all my hobbies and interests, and it goes like “aviation”.  Considering that I got accepted to the academy in 2008, aviation has been in the center of my professional life for 10 years. EK: So, you heard your calling and turned it into a career. Good for you, Jüri! Can you please name the departments and job titles you've worked under at MMRO so far? JL: I worked for half a year at Air Maintenance Estonia as a trainee to complete my must-have internship and graduate Estonian Aviation Academy. Right after the internship, I joined the company and started to work as a Basic Mechanic Apprentice under Base Maintenance Unit. I worked as a Basic Mechanic for the next 5 years, until this year, when I started to work as a B1 licensed technician for A320 family, B737NG and B737CL type rating. EK: After you enjoyed your dream playground, you’ve become a licensed pro! Well done! Tell us more about your current job? What are you doing exactly at Magnetic MRO? What are your daily/weekly tasks? JL: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians mainly inspect maintenance, supervise preventive maintenance, and perform alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems. My everyday work can be very different, though. If we are in the beginning stage of an aircraft check, we need to be fast and execute a lot of tests with aircraft systems, and perform visual inspections on components and mainframe. Some days require a high-stress tolerance due to need for a highly meticulous performance - mistakes can’t be allowed because miscalculation can cost the lives of all the people flying on the plane. Some other days can be quite low stress due to simple tasks like checking if the paint is good or whether there are dirty fingerprints on the pilot's windshield. But it is wise to be ready and fully prepared for both types of days. This attitude, of course, becomes a habit and mindset after a years of experience. There are also loads of paperwork to handle after the inspections and all the tests, but hey, it is a part of the job and it is rather educative. At the end of the check, it is chop-chop time because the aircraft needs to be assembled back together and take off. EK: This was a very clear explanation that I could picture the entire process. In fact, as a fan of puzzles and riddles, I am sort of leaning towards a career change right now :) Can you remember your best memory at Magnetic MRO? Do you mind sharing it with us? JL: I will be straightforward. My best memory at Magnetic MRO wasn’t exactly within Magnetic MRO surroundings. I had a great time – both in terms of professional development and personal fun – when I was sent to the A320 type training in Alicante, Spain. I am grateful to Magnetic MRO for such opportunity. EK: May I ask how you would define all these years spent in Magnetic MRO? JL: I can’t define it. Over the years, I have gathered so many emotions, many experiences, many learnings, many new friends… It is part of my life, one part of who I am. EK: This is way too sincere, Jüri! Thank you for sharing these feelings with us! Would you actually say working at Magnetic MRO has changed your life in any way? JL: Depends. This feeling generally comes when I think that “I” made a change. There is a saying in Estonia: "Days are not brothers". If you ask me this day after a long and silent night shift, I might say "No"; but if you ask me on a productive day while everything goes good and I see the aircraft flying away on time and in good shape, then I get the feeling of fulfillment. It makes me feel like a humble hero and my answer turns into "Yes". EK: This is pretty impressive how you define the change in your life: depending on a good result you provide. And there is nothing wrong about enjoying the personal touch on what we do; as Denis Waitley said once “Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient of success” JL: Such a good saying! I can relate myself to it. EK: You should! We need more people like you in this industry. On behalf of Magnetic MRO, I am confident to say that thank you for being a part of this family, Jüri! And thanks for sharing your time and memories with us, it was lovely! We wish you best of luck and have a successful life ahead.