Magnetic MRO cuts paper consumption, shifts to biometric e-signatures

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a global provider of Total Technical Care for aircraft operators and lessors, made a significant step towards becoming a fully paperless MRO. The company has decided to digitalize paper-based aircraft maintenance work orders, as well as introduce biometric e-signatures for aviation mechanics and other certifying staff. "Paper documents made their job back in those days when there was no other reliable alternative for keeping track of aircraft maintenance works. But today, highly secure digital storage systems provide an unprecedented level of reliability and security against manipulations or unauthorized edits,” comments Jan Kotka, the COO of Magnetic MRO. “With this in mind, we’ve made yet another important step towards a paperless environment by digitalizing aircraft maintenance work orders and securing them with fingerprint signatures. The new system has already received an approval from Estonian CAA.” "Biometric e-signature and digital storage bring document management to a new level of transparency and security. Further on, the new system eliminates an unnecessary and time-consuming process of delivering work orders from the engineering department to maintenance shops and vice versa. What is particularly delighting, our clients will also benefit from the system, since all aircraft-related documents will now be available even faster,” shared Sergei Shkolnik, Magnetic MRO’s Base Maintenance Director. "If you want to deliver maximum added value for your customers you must deliver efficiency. After all, nothing pleases aircraft owners and operators more than on time and on budget aircraft maintenance," added Jan Kotka. Recently company launched an unmanned, RFID-based Tool Control System in order to improve its inventory management. Now, it’s time to cut the paperwork, said the COO of Magnetic MRO.