A Journey to Magnetic MRO's 100th Aircraft Paint Job

Magnetic Maintenance

In aircraft maintenance, every job done is a win. Yet, Magnetic MRO's 100th aircraft paint job for Jeju Air is more than a win - it is a testament to our dedication and commitment. Rihards Priedkalns, the Aircraft Paintshop Manager, was filled with pride and gratitude for this milestone.

Reflecting on his journey, Rihards cast his mind back to his early days at Magnetic MRO in 2016. Only three days into the job, Rihards was given the task of painting an airBaltic B737CL partially in Riga, "I remember my first project… It was a challenge, but we managed to complete it in four days, demonstrating our ability to be reliable partners."

Reflecting on his 13-year aviation career, Rihards recalled the most demanding task: painting the Bahrain Royal Flight B747SP (A9C-HAK). This project, requiring VIP standards in just 40 days, tested its limits.

Yet, amongst the challenge came excitement. Rihards recalled the thrill of painting the B777 aircraft for Football Club Barcelona (A7-BAE). Two teams of artists came together to paint the full Barcelona FC flag on the aircraft. This project had a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that stood out.

However, the project that Rihards holds closest to his heart is the painting of three A220s in Baltic states' flag liveries for airBaltic, "Out of these, my personal favorite was the Latvian flag livery that we presented to the president of Latvia on the country's 100th anniversary. There was a lot of secrecy around this project, and it was super interesting to be the project manager and ensure its success."

As Rihards stood before the 100th aircraft for Jeju Air at Magnetic Group, he admired the vibrant South Korean livery. The bright orange hue and distinctive dots on the stabilizer, alongside intricate hieroglyphs, made it complex yet fascinating. Overcoming difficulties, they used precision, "We work from well-prepared modification documents that show precise logo positions and directions to apply them correctly."

In the end, standing at the precipice of their 100th project, looking over the freshly painted Jeju aircraft, Rihards couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. With gratitude in his heart, he recognized the journey as one filled with challenges, growth, learning, and success. This milestone, he knew, was a testament to the dedication, commitment, and skill of the Magnetic MRO team.

Photo: Sergey Kustov