Expert interview: Aavo Kuus

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Bringing in customers from around the globe to small yet mighty Magnetic MRO hangars may sometimes be challenging – but it’s the challenge Aavo Kuus, Sales Manager at Magnetic MRO, likes to tackle. And his proactive approach as well as industry expertise pays off – delivering aircraft from Colombia, South-Africa, India or any country in Europe, various flight operators and lessors entrust their asset maintenance with us.

We sat down with Aavo to listen to his insights on what he values in business partnership – and what plans for the future he has aligned? 

Last year, aviation (and other industries) was hit by the pandemic. As a result, what could be the key threat to aviation in 2021? How these threats can be tackled? True, it affected all of us. And not just business-wise but left a dent on our daily activities and still are affecting us outside the office walls. This has a huge impact – on our habits, traditions and the way we used to do things. In aviation, it won’t be an easy comeback, but transformation of having everything shut down to opening up airports and encouraging people to travel again. This will take time to build up and get back to the level we were in 2019. It’s important not to let it sink any further but find ways locally and globally for safe travelling. Nevertheless, we already see some signs of recovery with our Customers and hopefully every new day will bring more positive news. What changes you had to implement because of the recent crisis and how did it change your business priorities? We had to adapt and accept the new normality, including whole new set of goals and strategies. As our customers’ profile and requirements shifted quite heavily, it brought us new opportunities and priorities. We started wide range of services that have never really been on our table, i.e. long-term parking and storage programs, supporting customers at remote locations, finding ways to get aircrafts to Tallinn or supporting Customers in countries we have never been before. All great challenges that make us only stronger. Shifting gears faster than ever before due to customers’ need and requests. What would be most important factors to drive relationships between airlines and MROs as the sector is recovering? True believer that people are the biggest asset a company can ever have. People make the connections and build relationship between each other. If you tick those boxes, great cooperation and business will always follow. In times like this, common understanding and shared values drive to success. We are so lucky and appreciative to have Customers that share similar values choosing long-term partnership and one-stop-shop MRO. What do you personally value the most in business partnerships? How would you describe this partnership between flight operators, asset owners and Magnetic MRO? Vison. For me it’s no different form personal or business point of view. To work and get things done on  the same level of frequency with Customer.  Sharing similar understanding of goals where you need to be. Ours is to provide high quality service, keep aircrafts safe and exceed Customer’s expectation doing it. Our Customers strive for the same and joined synergy helps you to reach these goals. What plans for future collaboration are in store? We have grown from “simple” heavy maintenance provider to total technical care partner with diversified service packages.  Not only we perform c-checks, but we can support with any interior solution, cabin modifications, painting, engine management, engine stands, spare parts, assets management etc. When our clients are growing and the number of aircrafts is increasing, we will be there to support at all those levels and more. We are constantly developing new products at interior shop and lifting our capabilities and challenging ourselves. Covid or no Covid, this ball is rolling and no stopping there.