Anniversary interview: Tanel Torim

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From Trainee to Licensed Technician and Zone Leader – Tanel Torim’s flight at the Magnetic MRO is, indeed, an impressive one! And since we are all celebrating his 10 years “workiversary” as part of the Magnetic Team, we invite you to get to know him better!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Tanel, congrats – it has already been 10 years you have been part of the Magnetic team! Can you tell us how, in the first place, you began your career in aviation? Tanel Torim: If you’d count the first couple years as a Trainee while studying at Estonian Aviation Academy, it would sum up to even more years! So I’ve been in aviation from quite some time already. I think I knew what I want to do right away after school so after graduation from high school I went to Tartu Lennukolledz (currently known as Eesti Lennuakadeemia or Estonian Aviation Academy,) and started my studies at Aircraft maintenance course. And so I have been involved in aviation ever since! AV: And then you have joined Magnetic MRO as part of your education? TT: That’s right! I have been working as a trainee in 2008-2009 and then from 2010 I have joined Magnetic MRO as Basic mechanic at the Base Maintenance. Moved up the ladder a bit in 2013 when I have started working Licenced Technician and later also Zone leader – and this is what I am doing now! AV: And what are the responsibilities in your current position? TT: My main responsibility is to organize my zone and my team members work that way so all works will be done at in time and maintaining the excellent quality by the end of aircraft check. I am also performing inspections and other works as licensed technician, including supervising my team mechanics at their works and tasks. In addition, I am also a mentor and supervisor to Estonian Aviation Academy trainees, Magentic MRO apprentice program trainees, On Job Training program trainees, basic mechanic apprentices and also to new students from Norway! AV: That sounds nice – you are sharing your experience like some time ago others shared with you! TT: Yes, that’s the way I see it too! AV: And how can you evaluate these years you have spent working at Magnetic MRO? TT: For me, it is a good ride with challenges and lots of fun together with the best colleagues and team. Also, I am happy to be part of this company not only because of amazing people, but also because it is only company in Estonia that is providing me the work I love to do. AV: What about the best memories from all those years? Can you name one – or few? TT: My best memory was representing my company at international aviation companies football tournament at Lisbon Portugal at year 2011. We came back from there with high second place trophy and good memories. Also, another amazing memory was our team’s achievement in March 2019 winning Latvian aviation companies football cup at Riga. Looking forward to more tournaments alike when we will be able to move freely again!