Workiversary: Chris King, MAC Aero Interiors

Magnetic Group

On 15th September 2015, I embarked on a new career path.

Having previously come from an airline catering company, and telecoms prior to that; I found myself interviewing for the role of Administrator at Mac Interiors under the ownership of Berwick Industries. After the interview, on my drive home I received a call from the job agent who informed me that the interviewer had just called them directly, and request that they offer me the position immediately!

After successfully securing the role, I found myself completing assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner, and quickly familiarising myself with the processes & procedures which was quickly noticed by the senior management team. with that in mind, I was assigned additional business insights by being permitted to shadow each department of the company and build my knowledge on the software used, which in turn allowed me to build up a broader, and more detailed view to not only the ways in which the business operated, but also the Aerospace industry as a whole.

During my time with the company, I have been fortunate to see many changes. Having established myself as a key member of the team, processing a variety of admin requirements, I was then asked to take on more additional tasks to support: the stores team, sales, accounts and HR. These were swiftly added to my list of responsibilities. 

Whilst many changes were in motion, the company suffered some difficult decisions, and the ramifications of those meant that some team members moved on. This in turn created voids for much-needed skillset in areas such as production planning, purchasing and reporting. 

As part of my personal development, I volunteered to take on these additional responsibilities to allow the company to continue to operate to the best of its ability. This additional support was greatly appreciated by the management due to my flexibility and varied skill-set. I then continued to fill roles such as production planner, accounts support, strategic purchaser and even stores assistant.

During, and Post COVID-19, the company has endured more times of uncertainty, and more decisions have had to be made. Having re-established ourselves in Tallin; Estonia, we now have a great team, with fantastic leaders offering irreplaceable knowledge, stability and guidance to ensure we continue to strive for perfection in every area of the industry we occupy.

Having seen so many changes in the team, management and even facility location, I am more confident than ever that Mac is on the right course to firmly establish its name within an ever changing and ever challenging industry, which I am proud, and excited to be part of.

Chris King