Anniversary interview: Leonhard Kukk

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Every day is like an adventure – and it has been like that for the past 5 years for Leonhard Kukk, Paint Shop Supervisor, who is celebrating his 5th “workiversary” being part of Magnetic MRO family!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Leonhard, first of all – happy “workiversary”! Five years is quite something! Can you tell us a bit more on how your career at Magnetic MRO began? Leonhard Kukk: Five years is quite something, indeed, but there’s still excitement to work here like on the first day. Or even before – I thought that this such an extraordinary opportunity from the moment I saw job offer at a CV portal. I have started as Painter in Painting Department and around two years ago became Paint Shop Supervisor. AV: What are your main responsibilities? LK: Briefly, my daily tasks are to plan and to assign the work of the paint shop staff, to make sure that all work is performed excellent quality and to evaluate material consumption and labour. I am working closely with base maintenance project managers and zone leaders to make sure base maintenance projects are performed on time. There’s never a dull day in this work! AV: So you’d recommend others to join Magnetic MRO? LK: Absolutely, especially to those who likes a bit of dynamics in their work. Every day is like adventure and you never know what challenges are waiting you. I really enjoy this part. Work has become as part of my life style, therefore it's not hard work even in stressful times. AV: During those five years, what would you say is your best memory? LK:  The best memory probably is from the very beginning of my work here at Magnetic MRO, when we went to Latvia to paint one AirBaltic B737 upper fuselage! It was the first experience when you can see everything from up-close, have access to places where you have never been and seen, plus see a lot different details and spaces what aircraft is made with and how big or small they are – I remember everything was impressive to be at that time. And to be honest, it still is.