Anniversary Interview: Eigirdas Keblikas

Magnetic Assets

For the past seven consecutive years, every day, the Magnetic Trading team was greeted by the upbeat attitude of Eigirdas Keblikas, VP of Asset Trading & Leasing. Eigirdas has changed positions more than once and has kept growing with the company since the start.

How would you encapsulate your time with Magnetic Group?

At the core, the years at Magnetic have brought much growth on all fronts. As life would have it, I've always been very interested in aviation, yet I didn't know how my career path would unfold back then. In 2016, I completed my internship as a trade specialist in the Netherlands. Then, I applied for a trading position in Vilnius to what is now known as Magnetic Trading, part of Magnetic Group. From there, everything moved quickly, and today, I oversee the asset program's development and landing gear-related projects.

What were some of the first meaningful milestones?

Looking back, every new customer and deal was of significant importance. Frankly, it still is. My first considerable deal was brakes for one of the major airlines. Years ago, it looked like a major achievement, whereas now, we complete much higher-value projects every week. This makes you realize how stress tolerance and skills improve with the years. But there's no other way to learn, just through doing, especially in sales. 

Reflecting over the years, how have you developed professionally?

For one, together with the team, we now regularly tackle complex and multifaceted deals. I also would like to think that I have developed a so-called sales gut feeling and know what might work best for our customers solution-wise. 

Over the seven years, I'm also very grateful to have built a solid network with whom I've been working continuously. This goes for my teammates, customers, and partners. Like the saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together." As for skills, proactive listening, collaborativeness, and patience have remained my focus areas. 

What career advice would you have for someone starting in aviation?

Everyone is going to develop their own secret formula, but this is what has worked for me. 1. You have to work hard. 2. Be friendly to everyone you meet and open to learning. You never know which situation will provide you with the right opportunity or when you might learn something valuable. However, don't be naive either; if the case sounds too good, most likely it is. 3. Realize that not all happens on your timeline because usually it's all incremental. So be patient and consistent about your efforts and have your mind set on the goal. 4. Spend time learning about the products and services you're selling. That said, having theoretical knowledge is substantial, but nothing beats practice and real-life scenarios.