3 Questions with Jako Nurges

Magnetic Group

What are the main challenges for the IT department in ever-growing aviation company and how Magnetic MRO is moving towards the digitalization? Jako Nurges, our IT Administrator, shares his insights in our #3QuestionsWith feature.

During the pandemic, many businesses in various industries have realized the importance of digitalization – and aviation industry is no exception. What digitalization action has Magnetic MRO implemented during this time and, in your opinion, how these actions can help to improve the company‘s work? Jako Nurges: Magnetic MRO has been moving forward with digitalization for some time already so the pandemic did not hit us as hard in that regard. As we‘re a global company and many employees are working from different countries even prior the lockdowns we have focused on more flexible networking while maintaining the highest possible security, like allowing employees to access company data while using VPN, or, if they do not own or have access to a company computer, we have a web portal which can be accessed from anywhere that provides the user with a virtualized desktop with access to required data. In addition, our intranet contains a variety of digitalized forms which enables our personnel to submit any of their requests virtually instead of doing so in person at the office. Also, during the pandemic, one of the changes we implemented was the relocation of our centralized servers in Tallinn to cloud solution, which also comes with a virtual communication platform, allowing teams to be even better connected regardless of their locations. In general, I believe that well-coordinated digitalization actions allows us to work in more agile way and helps to maintain connection among people without borders. What are the main IT Department responsibilities at Magnetic MRO? What are the main challenges and how does your team tackle those challenges? Jako Nurges: As the main responsibility I see work on developing and adapting the company’s systems and infrastructure by providing the most efficient way for employees to fulfil their tasks. When it comes to challenges, I believe keeping it modern, up-to-date is a welcome challenge and in order to tackle it, we have dividend responsibilities across the team so all IT solutions, existing and new, are covered and continuously developed.  As the company is growing rapidly, it does also challenge our team as all systems have to adapt to the growth to be at the assistance – and automatization here is one of the most efficient solutions. Working in aviation means working in a dynamic, fast-paced industry. What are your ways to wind down after eventful workday – share your hobbies, special interests> Jako Nurges: Everyone has their own way too wind-down – and for me, this way leads to the gym. I like pushing my limits, also, training allows me to get away from thoughts of the day before and allows me to focus on what‘s next. Also, before joining Magnetic MRO, I was freelancing as a 3D modeller and animator – and his experience has sparked a new hobby, or a goal – I started developing a mobile platform game and can say this is also a relaxing hobby for me!