Anniversary Interview: Vladica Lovic

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Vladica Lovic, the Lead Powerplant Engineer at the Engine Management Department, has been part of the Magnetic family for five years and we celebrate it by sharing some of Vladica's best memories and insights what are the key components to the successful career in the aviation industry!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Vladica, first of all – happy work anniversary! It has been quite some time already you have been part of Magnetic team! But let's start with you telling us what the path that led you to aviation in the first place was? Vladica Lovic: Happy to be celebrating such an anniversary! My story begins from childhood: it was already my passion, which has started from planes mockups, books and movies. Then I choose this passion as my path and pursued an education in aviation: I have graduated of five years course of Aerospace Engineering at Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Belgrade and was lucky to start my career at JAT Yugoslav Airlines Engine Overhaul Shop. And since 2015, I have joined the Magnetic MRO team as Lead Powerplant Engineer at the Engine Management Department. AV: Can you tell us a bit more about your role? VL: Our work is very diversified: we do Magnetic MRO shop support by creating workscopes, task cards and shop visit reports, we support company's customers as consultants witnessing shop visits and tests on test cell in various engine shops worldwide; also, we do complete engine evaluations and technical acceptance for our engine sales department as well as support components department when needed. It is dynamic – and also rewarding!  AV: As you have been part of the team for five years already, what would you recall as your best memory from all those years? VL: One of my fondest memories was the time I took part in the Kick-off and onboarding event and was listening to the presentation in January 2016. The presentation has been covering plans for the growth of Engine Management Department, and I was thinking to myself: it will be tough to achieve. And yes, it was tough, but all goals have been achieved by now. This makes me a very proud member of the team. AV: That does sound like a good memory! So since you have been part of this amazing growth, do you say Magnetic MRO has changed your life in some ways? VL: Yes, it has indeed. But it is not just about the growth and ability to set and achieve great results. Magnetic MRO made me believe in the company's social and human responsibility. In 2016 I got very sick. During this time, the whole Magnetic MRO team supported me; my colleagues visited me in the hospital; my job was waiting for me, and all I had to care about is getting better. It was proof to me that Magnetic MRO care for its employees and I will always be grateful for that. AV: It is nice to know that people you work with every day will be there for you through thick and thin! And here we have a bunch of truly Magnetic people! What do you think are the key skills and personal traits for the person willing to work in the aviation industry – and this company? VL: I believe that skills are not crucial in the aviation industry – it is more about passion and patience. We do love flying, and we do our best to develop our skills, which requires a lot of time and efforts in order to achieve the state-of-the-art level providing the best support for our customers, for our company and last, but not least – for passengers. And when you have passion and patience, this work is exciting, challenging and one that brings you a lot of joy. AV: This year, the aviation industry has been hit by the pandemic, which has changed the way we work – and live. Can you share what were the biggest challenges for you professionally and personally this year, and how did you tackle these challenges? VL: Personally, like everyone, I am concerned about the health of my beloved ones, and so I hope pandemic will end soon. Professionally, I miss work in an office and social interaction with my colleagues as we were working partially from home, and now we are in 100% home office mode. In addition, there are no duty trips we are used to, and our customers are less protected without on-site support we are delivering in usual times. But I hope for the best and that we will back to the usual soon, doing the best we can – and enjoying it! Photo: 2018. Pratt & Whitney Shanghai Engine Center – Supporting Small Planet Shop Visit