Magnetic MRO working together with Falko during the Long Term Storage of five ATRs 

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a brand of Magnetic Group, has partnered with commercial aircraft leasing company Falko to provide Long Term Storage of five ATR72 aircraft parked in Tallinn.

Falko is the Servicer of five ATR72 aircraft in Tallinn, all of which are in Long Term Storage, i.e. the aircraft are parked for over half a year. According to the client’s schedule and maintenance manuals, Magnetic MRO works with these aircraft on a weekly basis, doing periodic checks according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

“With the aircraft in Long Term Storage, Falko is actively working alongside Magnetic MRO to ensure the aircraft are maintained in accordance with the Storage Program,” said Kevin Hill, Technical Director at Falko.

“It is pleasant to cooperate with a client with whom the exchange of information is at such a high level of professionalism as it is with Falko. Transparency and adherence to agreements are the keywords for both of our companies,” added Marko Lindmaa, Magnetic MRO Maintenance Project Manager.