Anniversary interview with Marius Barcas

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From Europe to Asia – during his five years at Magnetic, Marius Barcas, Business Development Manager, has had his fair share of challenges and adventures. So welcome to the Anniversary interview with Marius, where he shares some of his best moments!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Marius, congrats on your “workiversary” – and I am sure this is not the last we’ll celebrate! Can you quickly walk us through your career path at Magnetic and what are your main responsibilities in your current role? Marius Barcas: Thanks! I’ve started five years ago as Senior Sales Manager – and actually, it was fairly random, my way here, – the person I knew who worked here back then told me about the opening and encouraged to give a go.  And since I got into avid aviation industry – never regrated this decision. Then next big step came last year when I’ve undertaken my current role of Business Development Manager, meaning I am responsible for B2B engineering sales: Design (Part21J), Production (Part21G), CAMO (PartM); I am also supporting customers within the engineering services and making regular contacts/visits, acting as a central point of contact & coordinate leads and opportunities – and that’s not all that’s on my agenda! AV: And how do you define all those years you’ve spent here at Magnetic? MB: As many say on these interviews – it is quite a ride! But it taught me not to fall asleep at any point of time, keep on looking for opportunities every single day and create service on the go. AV: Would you say that working here has changed you? MB: Yes, it did. The work I do is complex and never-ending, but every project, call or meeting, even the tough ones, are always helping to become better than I was yesterday. So it not only has changed me but keeps changing me each day. AV: As you say work is complex, can you elaborate more on what were the main challenges in your line of work this year and how you and your team have tackled these challenges? MB: Before COVID19, the biggest challenge was not to get the new project, but deliver the project to the customer in a timely manner and keep the customer happy. The main challenge now is uncertainty and heavy turbulence created by the COVID 19. However, I believe that with the team as we have, we are meeting such challenges with self-confidence. AV: Current pandemic has changed not only the work dynamics but also made you relocate – AGAIN! Last year you’ve joined the team in opening Magnetic MRO office in Malaysia. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, work in the region has slowed down. What are your predictions for the region – when it will bounce back? And when Magnetic is expecting to back to the office in Kuala Lumpur? What are the plans for this office?  MB: Indeed, COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the aviation industry due to the resulting travel restrictions and that countries closing their borders and not letting people out without significant reason. However, the strong rebound should happen once countries will open the borders. For instance, only Indonesia which has half all EU population is located in more than 2000 islands, and aviation happening all over the place because there is no other way to travel. Before the crisis was estimated that by 2030 air travel in Asia will be greater than Europe and North America combined. KL office is frozen at the moment, but the plan is to go back once borders between countries will be opened again – and make it great! AV: It sounds like you’re up for the new adventure! But let’s get back to the past – can you name your best memory while being part of Magnetic family? MB: I have a lot! But alright, when choosing one – it is the summer team building event we had in 2018 when we all went kayaking with colleagues from Lithuania, Estonia – and even over countries. Fun, relaxed and spent with great people – and such memories last.