Insiders look into engine repair: Magnetic MRO engine line maintenance team performs the first fan module replacement on CFM56-3 engine

Magnetic Maintenance


The time-lapse video of the fan module replacement procedure

Magnetic MRO, a Total Technical Care and Asset Management organization, shares the video how the fan modules replacement was performed on a CFM56-3 engine. It was the first time such repair has been performed at Magnetic MRO engine repair shop as the company received the approval for this capability earlier this year. The work was performed on the engine of the company’s long-term customer.

This recent repair is just one of the many new services that has been added to the company’s capabilities list after the investment into new tooling which was announced in spring this year.

’’We have added the capability on hospital repair in the engine hot section, replacement of LPT Major module and partial repair of LPT Major module, replacement of Fan modules and so on. We can support majority of hospital repairs on CFM56-3, CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B engine types and provide airlines and asset owners with fast and efficient repair solution. Especially now, in COVID-19 environment, we expect increased demand to partial and hospital repairs of the engines, as the airlines and the asset owners will be under financial pressure and will be motivated to do cheap possible repairs to return the engines to service, instead of doing full overhaul like before. We are also able to accommodate more engines at the same time, making the repairs more efficient and more timely’’, shared Alexey Ivanov, Executive Sales Director at Magnetic MRO.