Anniversary Interview with Oleg Soovik

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Welcome to our Anniversary Interview with Oleg Soovik. He works as an Interior Workshop Supervisor in our Tallinn facility and has recently completed his 10th year at Magnetic MRO!

On behalf of celebrating his past years amongst us, Tiina Shein (a.k.a. our Marketing Manager) asked a few moments of Oleg to share his experiences with us.
Tiina Shein: Hi Oleg! Can you tell us for how many years have you been working at Magnetic MRO (including AME years - before rebranding)? Oleg Soovik: It has been 10 years back in January 2018. TS: Amazing! How did you get involved in aviation in the first place? OS: Frankly, through the job vacancies listed in a local newspaper :D I actually never really thought about becoming a part of aviation business. Before I joined our company, I had so little knowledge about airplanes. I didn’t even know that we had such a big hangar here in Tallinn. But one day, I remember very clearly, I was on a tram and reading a newspaper called CAPITAL; under the job vacancies section there was a title saying that an MRO company in Tallinn was looking for apprentices with technical background to join their team. As a mechanical school graduate, I decided to apply. Best decision I’ve ever made. Before I could work on an aircraft, I went through a very comprehensive training with all other apprentices. We met very interesting people and very enthusiastic teachers who aroused interest in us by being great role models. TS: Not everyone is so lucky to work with and learn from industry leaders you know. I bet they are very proud of you. Can you please name the departments and job titles you've worked under so far at MMRO? OS: I got recruited to work as a mechanical apprentice in 2008 and became a composite apprentice in 2009. One year later I became a composite technician and worked in this position for 5 years. Then I got promoted to the Composite Workshop Supervisor position, which I worked as for 3 years. Long years in Composite unit taught me to be accurate, meticulous and to always deliver the finest quality product. During my years in Composite Workshop, I got involved in so many challenges to solve different problems in non-stop A/C industry. You know, composite workshop is practically linked to all departments and you need to support base, line, workshops as well as other units through various tasks. And for that, I had to learn how to be a good conductor between other units’ managers and composite workshop. My tasks were never limited to the given projects; I had to make sure that the outcome was perfect for both customers and our company. All that time, while I was working in Composites, I learned that without good communication skills and being open-minded, it is not possible to become successful. In 2018, quite recently, I have started to work in our Interior Workshop as an Interior Workshop Supervisor. We have quite a big and great team here, and I am looking forward to interchanging years of know-how and experiences. TS: Tell us more about your current job? What are you doing exactly at Interior Workshop? What are your daily/weekly tasks? OS: Today as an Interior Workshop Supervisor, I am co-running the team in interior workshop, where we support base maintenance clients as well as our own through diverse aircraft interior solutions, and managing the required manpower and task delegation. And of course as an everyday job, I am always trying to generate some new ideas to be added amongst our interior workshop capabilities. TS: Sounds like there will be a lot of new challenges and adventures ahead for you. When you look at the past, can you remember your best memory at Magnetic MRO? Do you mind sharing it with us? OS: I remember the feeling when we were moving from the old hangar’s small composite workshop to the new hangar’s brand-new, spacious composite workshop, where everything was so shiny and untouched. This feeling was like having the latest model of your dream car you always wanted :) TS:  Oh wow, that is specific! So how would you define all these years spent in Magnetic MRO? OS: Challenging and educating! It has been a very good time, and each new day has been different from the previous one. TS: Would you say working at Magnetic MRO has changed your life in any way? OS: Yes, definitely! Working here broadened my horizons not only about my capabilities but also about who I am. There were many days, followed by an AOG situation and when I realized that I was the key person who solved the problem and satisfied both the customer and company; and I didn’t even need any acknowledgment or pampering from anyone because I was just doing my job and still feeling like a humble hero. This is the kind of motivation that keeps you going for years and years. TS: I am sure everybody knows and appreciates what you have accomplished here, Oleg. I have one last question. Would you recommend working at Magnetic MRO? OS: Yes, totally! Come on board! If you have the brains and are a self-motivated person, you will have a brilliant career in Magnetic MRO. TS: Thank you very much, Oleg! On behalf of Magnetic MRO I am confident to say that we are happy to have you on board. We wish you best of luck and have a successful life ahead.