Anniversary Interview with Kaider Zopp

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Welcome to our Anniversary Interview with Kaider Zopp. He works as a Wing Zone Leader in our Tallinn headquarters. 

Kaider has worked in Magnetic MRO for a while now and on behalf of celebrating his past years amongst us, we asked him to share his experiences with Tiina, our Marketing Manager.
Tiina Shein: Hello, Kaider! For how many years have you been working at Magnetic MRO ? Kaider Zopp:  As of mid-July 2018, it’s been 10 years. TS: How did you get involved in aviation? KZ: I have looked up to seek airplanes in the sky as long as I can remember. I am from the countryside and I didn’t see any aircraft from a short distance until I was 10 years old. I think it made them more mysterious and magnificent for me when I was a kid. When I grew up, though, the feeling was still there. In time, the idea of aviation had become more like a lifestyle choice other than a childhood interest. I had to get involved… TS: I see that “do what you love” phrase applies nicely to your story ☺ Good for you, Kaider! Can you please name the departments and job titles you've worked under at MMRO so far? KZ: I have worked in both base and line maintenance during the past 10 years, shaping my career predominantly on base maintenance projects. For the last 5 years I have been working as a Wing Zone Leader. TS: Tell us more about your current job? What are you doing exactly at Magnetic MRO? What are your daily/weekly tasks? KZ: I love my job :) Zone Leader position keeps paperwork and physical tasks nicely in balance. I have my own team to work with - we perform different tasks, varying based on the type of check and customer. For example today we are performing Zero weight on an aircraft to prepare it for structural repair. TS: There is nothing like a self-motivated and satisfied worker for an employer. Let’s give them a thumbs-up photo together, shall we? Can you remember your best memory at Magnetic MRO? Do you mind sharing it with us? KZ: There are so many nice things to remember, and many more are added to the list every day. Best memories, however, are always gathered during company events, like Summer Days and New Year Parties; – when your team becomes your family, every gathering turns into something to remember. Of course, fun and interesting things also happen every day at work, if you are fun yourself with a positive mindset ;) TS: I totally agree. We might be here for professional motives but there is no reason why we should not build personal relationships and pleasurable memories meanwhile. It only makes the entire experience much better. May I ask how you would define all these years spent in Magnetic MRO? KZ: Quality time! Definitely full of good memories and experience. TS: Well-said! Would you also say working at Magnetic MRO has changed your life in any way? KZ: I have worked in Magnetic MRO so long that I can say we have grown and developed together. This kind of a feeling creates a different level of loyalty. I believe that this relationship can and will last many more years to come. I would not be who I am now without Magnetic MRO, and I would like to believe that it’s also other way around to a certain extend. TS: Indeed! This company wouldn’t be this successful today, without its hardworking and dedicated team. You guys are the backbone of this organisation and you deserve all the glory and credit! KZ: Thank you. It is very nice to hear. TS: On behalf of Magnetic MRO, I am confident to say that we are happy to have you on board, Kaider! Thanks for sharing your time and memories with us. We wish you best of luck and have a successful life ahead.