Anniversary interview with Marko Männiste

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We kicked off 2020 with some quite big news and announced that MAC Aero Interiors had moved production facility in Tallinn. It's a big step for many, including Marko Männiste, Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors, who is one of those people ready to write a new success story with MAC. Though Marko has, in fact, been part of many success stories within Magnetic for the past five years – yes, he's a part of this aviation lovers' family for five years already, so it's time for "workiversary" interview!

Q: Marko, happy work anniversary! And happy new-kick-off of one challenging and exciting path. How did you get to this from the very first day at Magnetic? Marko Männiste: It has been, indeed, quite a ride. And quite a climb up the ladder – during five years at Magnetic, I've been Quality Assurance Inspector, Production Organisation Manager, Production Organisation Manager/ Workshop Manager, Head of Production and Workshops, and, eventually, I became Head of Manufacturing this year, and then - Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors. Q: Quite a climb indeed! And how do you define this time you've spent here? MM: I enjoy working in such an environment that Magnetic MRO has created. For people with high career aspiration, it is a perfect place to be – you have a chance to learn, to grow and to achieve your goals.  Q: Looks like you're one of those who took all the opportunities.  MM: I did! And I truly believe that the challenges and all the opportunities given by the company do not only helped me grow as a professional but also improved me as an individual. And I do appreciate it a lot.  Q: You seem to be a fan of challenges – which one you'd consider as the best memory so far? MM: I like challenges and new beginnings, so the latest – and one of the greatest – is the recent opening of new MAC Aero Interiors production facility in Tallinn. The whole process was lengthy, and we had to evaluate many factors, but at the end of the day, I am sure we made the best decision. I think because I am a fan of challenges, I ended up in aviation. At least that's one of the reasons!  Q: Your best memory definitely sounds like a challenge. What are the key differences between producing interior here in Tallinn while UK, China, USA are the main aviation-based countries? What is our competitive advantage? MM: Thanks to the infrastructure we have here in Tallinn, we have all ingredients to be competitive with pricing, quality and TAT. Additionally, China-based MAC Sichuan (a subsidiary to MAC Aero Interiors) provides cabin total technical care support for large-volume orders and brings exposure to the Asian market. So we are "well connected" and also very flexible.  Q: And what are your plans for MAC now?  MM: We have plenty – but for now, the main one is securing long-term partnership for sustainable work-flow. Q: That sounds like a big plan. Let's move back to you – can you tell us how did you end up working in the aviation industry? MM: One of a close family member was a pilot; he was so excited every time he was speaking about aviation. This was motivation to set my sight to have a career in aviation – that excitement was contagious, and I wanted to have a career I'd feel the same as he did. And you know what – I do!  Q: You look like you do indeed! And besides aviation, do you have any other passions?  MM: I have been passionate about basketball my entire life. It goes hand in hand with aviation. So whenever I can, I try to spend as much time in court as possible. This is my way to relax!