Two Major Polish Airlines are at the Forefront of the Latest Magnetic Trading’s PBH Service Agreement

Magnetic Assets

Magnetic Trading, a member of Magnetic Group, has recently announced that the company has been actively expanding its Power-by-hour (PBH) services customer’s portfolio and signed a service agreement with two major Polish airlines: LOT and Enter Air.

The recent agreement with Enter Air is the new 3-year extension of the previous service agreement, covering Power-by-hour B737 NG component support. In the meantime, the partnership with LOT is brand new for the unit and consists of Power-by-cycle services on the Polish flag carrier’s Boeing 737 fleet wheels and brakes.

“I am glad to see that our client’s portfolio is expanding – and to have two major Polish airlines as our customers are nothing short of a privilege for our team. I am confident that our asset management expertise, combined with extensive component maintenance capabilities, will allow us to continue providing timely, top-notch services to both Enter Air and LOT,” shared Marijus Milasius, Head of PBH at Magnetic Trading. 

“On behalf of LOT I can say that cooperation with Magnetic Trading is more than satisfying and we really hope to keep it on this level for long perspective,” said Grzegorz Tarkowski, Senior Component Planning Specialist at LOT.

“Our contract was extended due to good and reliable service and we are really glad to continue this cooperation,” added Konrad Dymowski, Technical Manager at Enter Air.