3 Questions With Natalja Platonova

Magnetic Group

From a record-high number of customer cases in the first half of the year to ambitious plans to grow – learn about the key achievements and plans for Magnetic Talents as the Head of the department, Natalja Platonova, shares her insights in our 3 Questions With feature!


How did the Magnetic Talents sector do over the first half of 2022? What are the key milestones – and the main challenges that the team has faced?

The first half of 2022 has brought up some optimistic signs for the aviation industry – and although it is still rebounding from the pandemic, we have seen a growing demand for pre-purchase inspections, which were totally suspended during the pandemic. Our Magnetic Engineering team have performed the highest ever number of ARC inspections during the first half of this year - which is a great team achievement.

As the core focus of Magnetic Engineering was, and remains, on close cooperation with lessors, we have been putting a lot of effort into improvements in the quality of service, which would better reflect the changing demands of our customers and support their needs. One of the steps we have already implemented was that senior team members have started to introduce a coaching culture to the rookies – so we are also growing a new generation of professionals!

Additionally, we have re-introduced the customer satisfaction process for both engineering and training teams, which helps us to collect feedback from existing customers on all stages of the process – sales, planning and execution, analyse them and take corrective actions. We are very happy that the satisfaction level of our current partners (both companies and individuals) is growing – and also resulting in additional business opportunities.

Surely, team management has and still plays a vital role in our day-to-day work – and I am glad to share that during the first 6 months, our team became stronger and even more international: very experienced training manager from Ukraine and customer centric and carrying training coordinator from Estonia have joined Magnetic Training while a dedicated CAMO and engineering sales manager from Ireland, very experienced senior engineer from Spain and power plant engineer from Ukraine, junior engineer and trainee from Estonia joined Magnetic Engineering team – we are very glad to have them onboard our team!

What are the main plans and challenges ahead for Magnetic Talents for the second half of 2022?

Keeping up the good work is the main plan! Jokes aside, we have quite an impressive list of what’s next for Magnetic Talents – I will just name a few: with Magnetic Engineering team, we will focus on structure implementation and establishing project based working routines. It will help our people to grow not just from the technical side but as future leaders.

Magnetic Training will be growing the pool of trainers to make sure that we are able to provide EASA 147 and specialized trainings closer to the customer, and will be introducing new courses and new services.

While overall Magnetic Talents will be focusing on geographical expansion as well as expansion of portfolio.

What are the key focus areas for both brands under Magnetic Talents – Magnetic Engineering and Magnetic Training?

Increasing customer satisfaction even further, growing a permanent customer base and making this all happen while maintaining well balanced and happy team (because the company is its people!) – these would be the key focus areas not only for both brands under Magnetic Talents but for all within Magnetic Group.