Anniversary interview with Sergei Dulberg - 25 years and counting!

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Being part of the company for many years has its perks, like witnessing a number of milestones and its growth as well as being part of it. And Sergei Dulberg, Structural Engineering Manager has, indeed, has seen his fair share of memorable moments at Magnetic MRO. This July Sergei is celebrating his 25th anniversary being part of Magnetic MRO family, so we sat down with him for his "workiversary" interview!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Sergei, first of all – congratulations on this impressive anniversary! 25 years seems like a lot – but I am sure it flew by! Can you tell us how you became a part of Magnetic MRO family? Sergei Dulberg: Indeed, time flies! I am counting on many more years to come being part of this team, as for how it all started – probably since 1977 when I've entered Civil Aviation Engineers Institute in Riga, Latvia and from this time all further life was related with aviation. I started working at Magnetic in 1995 as a logistics coordinator and made my way up to my current position as a Structural Engineering Manager. AV: What are your current responsibilities in this position? SD: I am responsible for dealing with queries related with airplane structure as well as the management and accomplishment of various activities - from physical examination of the airplanes and up to the assessment of maintenance & airworthiness data. In my current position, I have no structural team – as for the moment, I am only one person in engineering who deal with my subject – airplane structure. It is sometimes challenging, but I know the best way to combat any challenges that occur – just do it, step by step until it is solved in the best possible way. AV: And over all these years at the Magnetic, I am sure there was a lot of amazing memories. But can you maybe share one which is the most memorable to you?  SD: It would be way too hard to name just one – in my memory, the very first new Boeing 737-500 delivery to Estonian Air, First C check made by then Air Maintenance Estonia, the new hangar opening – all these impressive achievements are on top of my mind. AV: You have witnessed a lot of important milestones achieved by Magnetic over these years. How would you define all this time spent at the company?  SD: Complicated, sometimes even hard, very special, but always interesting. It is an excellent time because I was and I am now a member of Magnetic family. Our team is the dearest and the most important thing we have here in Magnetic MRO. AV: Do you feel like this place has changed your life? SD: For sure! When working in aviation, it means that your life is connected with one of the world's leading technology industries - you must be active, interested, work requires being well educated and professional. You have to stay up-to-date and maintain the passion – all these changes you, and I believe changes for the better.  AV: Would you encourage others to pursue a career in aviation?  SD: 100% yes! Especially to those to whom the work with sophisticated equipment is a pleasure. AV: Aviation is indeed a complex and challenging industry to work at – but also very rewarding. What about your other passions besides aviation? What are the hobbies that help you to relax? SD: I have a few! Music is my source of power; now I listen mostly to classical music, but not forgetting my favorite rock artists from 70s-90s. I also enjoy cycling – travelling on a bike in nature is my type of relaxation. And then also books – I read everything from fiction to history books.