Magnetic MRO and Aerospheres have signed Chemical Consignment Agreement

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic MRO, a Total Technical Care and Asset Management organization, has announced they have recently signed the Chemical Consignment agreement with Aerospheres UK, London-based world-class leader in real-time distribution of chemicals, paints, adhesives, sealants, and composites in support of commercial airline MRO operations worldwide.

Aeropsheres UK has been a long-term partner of Magnetic MRO, supplying chemicals and adhesives to the company, but with the new Chemical Consignment agreement, the partnership extends: it covers supply chemicals and adhesives required for maintenance tasks as Aerospheres own materials will be stored in Tallinn, Magnetic MRO stock starting from August 2021.

“I am glad to see this partnership has evolved during time and now both of the companies decided to extend it – it is indeed a welcome step! New partnership will increase the overall supply chain effectivity and allow to meet our customer’s needs in time, and we are happy to have such partners as Aerospheres onboard with us,” shared Natalja Lagno, Strategic Purchasing Manager at Magnetic MRO.

We are delighted to welcome Magnetic MRO to our consignment programme. It will not only reduce scrappage and create economies of scale for them but will also ensure real-time stock availability especially in time sensitive situations. A great customer to service and partner with and we look forward to supporting them even further”, – shared Awab Ibrahim, Head of Sales at Aerospheres 

As the average delivery time of hazardous materials from United Kingdom to Tallinn is 10-11 days from placing purchase order till completing of incoming goods inspection, the Chemical Consignment agreement provides the solution how to drastically decrease delivery time to virtual the same-day delivery.