3 Questions with Ene Krinpus

Magnetic Group

What are the key workforce challenges that the aviation industry is facing today? What are the most effective types of employer branding? Step into the world of human resources and recruitment together with Ene Krinpus, HR Manager, who’s the latest expert in our #3Questions with feature! What are the key workforce challenges the aviation industry is facing in the recent years? What were the main factors that influenced these challenges and how MMRO is coping with them? A month ago, I would have cited the industry-known estimation that during the next 10-15 years, the aviation industry will require approximately 600.000 new maintenance technicians. This demand is caused by the ageing workforce in the aviation sector and by the fact that more than 10.000 additional aircraft are expected to enter into service by 2027 according to The Oliver Wyman Fleet Forecast. If we look the aviation industry today, during this pandemic of COVID-19, then the above projection I believe has bit slowed down as the world’s commercial airlines and other aviation businesses face significant financial stress and perhaps even bankruptcy in the coming months from the unexpected, and broad shutdown of travel. Nevertheless, there is still some work to be done as even when thousands of aircraft are grounded, the steal-birds still need daily maintenance and that someone keeps them ready to fly when it’s time. Despite the current situation, we in Magnetic MRO, still continue to alleviate the deficiency of the aircraft technicians globally. Proof of that is our 3rd cycle of Vocational Apprenticeship Study program, that launched a few months ago. Together with the Estonian Aviation Academy, we give people who don’t have previous aviation experience, the opportunity to start their career in the aviation sector and the possibility to become A-category licensed technicians within two years. I would say that it’s a great opportunity for people who always have dreamt to become part of the aviation sector, but for some reason have not had the chance yet and also for people who value the flexibility to combine the studies with work, as 2/3rd of the studies are actually done while working. What are the most effective employer branding techniques you have implemented and what results it have brought? What comes to an employer branding, then I am very proud to see what Magnetic has established in that area. Together with our Marketing team, we have managed to create many great techniques on how to build Magnetics employer brand. We have created a dedicated landing page for our Apprenticeship program, increased our social media appearance and focused more on story-telling approach. This has helped us to become more known as a company and as an employer. However, I personally believe that the best and most effective employer branding is not done by the company or by the management but by our own employees. Might sound as a cliché but I truly believe that all our employees are Magnetic MRO Ambassadors and if we focus on their professional and personal development, we will have the best team one could ask for. Internal employer branding will definitely be our focus area while moving forward. Aviation is dynamic and challenging – and requires a certain skill set in order to succeed working here! What are the main personal traits you think is necessary for those who want to pursue their career in aviation? Simon Sinek, a quite known author and motivational speaker has said that “You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude as you can always teach skills”, and I completely agree with it. In order to excel in this business, one needs to have something that draws them towards aviation – or, in other words, one needs to be passionate about the industry. It’s a non-stop, 24/7 industry which requires people to be able to adapt to different and new situations very fast. Also, without saying, one needs to be fascinated by the field they like to work in – with technical roles one needs to be interested in technology, etc. Some other very important personality traits are definitely proactivity, a need to keep improving oneself and learning new things. If the right attitude is there, everything else is teachable.