Anniversary Interview with Galina Smirnova

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Welcome to our Anniversary Interview with Galina Smirnova. She works as a Base Maintenance Assistant in our Tallinn facility.

Galina has worked in Magnetic MRO for 10 years and on behalf of celebrating her past years amongst us, Nilay Rammul (a.k.a. our Marketing Communications Specialist) asked a few questions to Galina to share her experiences with us.
Nilay Rammul: Hi Galina! Thanks for joining our Anniversary Interview session. Can you tell us for how many years you have been working at Magnetic MRO (including AME years - before rebranding)? Galina Smirnova: I’ve been working at Magnetic MRO since May 2008. 10 years! Time goes by so fast! NR:  How did you get involved in aviation? GS:  Honestly saying, I never dreamed of aviation before I started to work at Magnetic MRO. It wasn’t a planned act, but rather a happy coincidence which turned out to be quite great for me. One day, I was offered an assistant job in Magnetic MRO Base Maintenance office to cover a temporary vacancy. I really enjoyed the job but it had to end. However, after it was over and I was back to my everyday routine, I was contacted by the HR department and they offered the position of BM assistant on a permanent basis. I took the offer in a heartbeat. NR: You know what they say: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Please tell us more about your current job? What are you doing exactly at Magnetic MRO? What are your daily/weekly tasks? GS: My everyday responsibilities include preparing and processing aircraft maintenance documentations and aircraft maintenance records filing. This work requires high level of responsibility, flexibility, accuracy and attention to details. NR: Can you remember your best memory at Magnetic MRO? Do you mind sharing it with us? GS:  Of course I have lots of good memories! But I’ll tell you about the most extraordinary and incredible one. After aircraft maintenance service, sometimes it is necessary to perform flight test in order to assure smooth and correct operations of all systems before aircraft will fly passenger flights. Magnetic MRO is allowed to place its observers on such flight test and I was offered to be an observer. I got incredibly excited about this short trip! It was the best roller coaster I’ve ever been on! NR: Wow! That sounds like something to remember forever indeed. How would you define all these years spent in Magnetic MRO? GS: Challenging and liberating! NR: Nicely put! So, would you say working at Magnetic MRO has changed your life in any way? GS: In my opinion Magnetic MRO has grown and progressed rapidly in providing aircraft maintenance services, and I've grown with the company. Working here taught me a lot. I’ve acquired a lot of new skills including dedication, self-control, flexibility, self-organization and ability to react fast in different situations. All these qualities help me now to raise small nice twins without any stress! NR: How wonderful to hear it, Galina! Tell us more about your kids, please. Do you think their future also lies in aviation? GS: My older son goes to school, he is 12 years old. He plays basketball, chess and he likes assembling car models. He is a good friend and he helps me a lot at home. The twins are going to kindergarten soon. They will be two years old in August. My younger son as a real man likes football, cars and meat. As a truly little lady my daughter likes dressing up, cuddly toys and sweets. Will my children dedicate their lives to aviation?! Who knows! From my side I can only help them to make a choice telling them about various professions including professions related to aviation!  Well, only time will show! NR: Whatever is lying ahead of  your kids, we wish for the best! Thank you very much for sharing these amazing memories and experiences! On behalf of Magnetic MRO I am confident to say that we are happy to have you on board. We wish you best of luck and have a successful life ahead.