Magnetic Academy: Meet Martin Paberit 

Magnetic Maintenance

Magnetic Group has launched a new workforce training program, the Magnetic Academy, to educate a new generation of aircraft technicians in Estonia. In this light, it is a pleasure to introduce Martin Paberit, a Lead Mechanic in Magnetic MRO.  

In 2020, Martin started in the company as an apprentice and was also the fan favorite at the “Praktik Cum Laude” Best Apprentice in Estonia contest in 2021. Let’s see what advice he has to give to people who are thinking about starting their aviation career with Magnetic Academy.  

How did your career in aviation and Magnetic MRO start? 
I was stuck in my comfort zone in my previous workplace in logistics. I had done that work for over 10 years and I wanted to bring change into my life. The aviation industry had been attractive to me already for years and I had applied for several jobs in aviation but without success.  

One day in January 2020 I saw an advertisement in the Estonian plane spotters Facebook group, where Magnetic MRO was looking for new candidates for a vocational study group. I applied and got selected. 
What were your first impressions upon joining Magnetic MRO? 
I was excited to be near aircraft every day - to see how they’re built, what parts and components are removed for maintenance and to learn how airplanes work. Also, the people were mostly friendly and helpful. There was a lot of new information in the beginning about how work and studies are exactly organized, which logbooks and how much I need to fill them etc.  
How has your career developed since you first started as an apprentice in 2020? 

After working in the base maintenance department for almost 4 years I have achieved the maximum level that an unlicensed mechanic can achieve in the Magnetic MRO base maintenance department. I have become a level 3 lead mechanic. But that is not the end. I have already taken steps to become a licensed technician, hopefully in 2025. 
Can you share a specific moment during your apprenticeship that significantly stands out or shaped your skills and career aspirations? 
The physical aircraft maintenance process consists of teams working in different zones. When I started to work in the so-called engine zone during my rotation period, then I felt that this was the zone where I wanted to work in the future as well. Not that other zones are less important, but for me, the engine zone felt the most interesting. I still work in other zones from time to time if needed - it's good to get practical experience from all work zones. 
What are your main responsibilities? How would you describe your work? 
I perform many different maintenance tasks - starting from simple tasks like opening access panels or removing landing gear wheels. Finishing with more complex tasks like performing tests or assembling different components. All according to maintenance manuals or other related documents.  

As a lead mechanic, from time to time I also need to guide the less experienced and younger mechanics and trainees and take responsibility for organizing our teamwork or replacing our zone-leader. 
What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting a career in aviation and joining Magnetic Academy? 

If you are passionate about airplanes, interested in technical hands-on work, and want a secure job in the aviation industry, you should apply. The beginning may be hard and there will be a lot to learn. But in the long term, it is a great opportunity to become a specialist who is needed in Estonia and abroad.  

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