Faces of Magnetic: Marten Merilo

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This month, we are happy to feature Marten Merilo, a courier at Magnetic MRO, as a Face of Magnetic! In his line of work, the speed can be of a great importance – and there’s a never one dull day at work. Get to know him better!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Marten, good to have you featured as Face of Magnetic this month! To kick off introducing you, let’s start with you telling us how did you end up working at Magnetic MRO? Have you been working in aviation industry prior you’ve joined Magnetic team?

Marten Merilo: My pleasure! And my story here started when I was looking for a job and during the time while I was at school: we had a carreer day and Magnetic MRO was also taking part in the event. I remembered the company I decided to look it up and give it a go – and so here I am now!

AV: Our team must have done a great job to capture young mind then! What about your role here?  What are the current responsibilities in your line of work? Also, what do you like the most and what do you find most challenging?

MM: My current responsibilites are taking care of the goods that come in and go out from our Tallinn facilities, and also transporting needed equippment between hangars. What I like the most about it is that every day is different andyou don’t get bored because you never know what work life throws at you. I like it being dynamic! Of course, it can be challenging – sometimes I have multiple things to do and everything is AOG. But I think this is natural thing in such fast-paced industry and I have learned how to cope with the speed and also how to prioritize my tasks.

AV: Right, it can be hectic sometimes! Which would you describe as the key qualities one should have in order to be successful in your line of work? What personal qualities you think is important for those who are working within aviation industry?

MM: The key qualities in order to be successful in my line of work are very good personality and ability to cope very well with pressure. I say “good personality because every day one has to communicate with other colleagues and partners when recieving goods. Good coping with pressure is important because there are days when you have loads of work and you need to keep a straight head. All in all, a good personality is the most important thing in my eyes. And sometimes have to be creative when it comes to transporting heavy and large items, too!

AV: And what about your time here - how do you find the whole working atmosphere at Magnetic?

MM: Hands down, the atmosphere is very friendly in Magnetic. Everyone is being polite and greeting whenever they see one another – it makes it even more pleasant to be working here. You also always feel like you’re part of the team.

AV: What are your best memories from working at Magnetic? 

MM: One of my best memories is my very first Kick-Off party. I got the chances to get to know the people better and saw how fancy can Magnetic MRO go when it comes to parties! We, for sure, know how to work and how to celebrate!

AV: Couldn’t agree more! But let’s go outside from work – can you share what are your hobbies that help you to relax?

MM: My hobbies outside of work include a bit of sports, spending time with friends and loved ones – these are simple pleasures in life I appreciate the most!