Faces of Magnetic: Inga Duglas

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Over 8 years in the aviation industry and she’s not planning to stop – Inga Duglas, Commercial Director at Magnetic MRO is both an aviation-lover and a person who strives under challenging condition. She has been a part of Magnetic family for years so we are happy to feature her as Face of Magnetic!

Q: Inga, great to feature you as Face of Magnetic! Let’s kick off with how you ended up working in the aviation industry? Inga Duglas: My whole professional career is related to sales – but my flight within the aviation industry has taken off eight years ago – and I have no plans for the landing any time soon. During this time, I have been working in different countries and I remain always open to relocating if there is a need for my expertise and skills. Being part of this industry also always means a lot of travelling in general (with exception to the current period of lockdown) – and I enjoy it, not because of the trip itself, but due to opportunity to meet new people and open new horizons. Q: And what are the main reasons you’re still so attracted to aviation business? ID: Aviation industry has a very special community of professionals who are passionate about it – they are living and breathing aviation, and it makes it a very special industry to work at. Also, this passion grows on you too! However, it is a very dynamic industry – constantly changing, often with its own challenges and special opportunities – and such mix makes it ever-interesting. There’re unlimited ways to do business, to develop – these are the key things that draws me in even deeper with the time spent working in this industry. Q: Aviation is indeed a very dynamic industry – surely there’s no day similar to another working here? ID: Indeed, each day is different. I welcome these challenges and opportunities – it gives me great pleasure to see how we are executing complex projects, tackling smaller and bigger obstacles and never stop growing. Q: Sounds like you really like to challenge yourself! ID: Yes, I do. I think that so often the most challenging projects are the most rewarding too – they allow you to learn, improve, and also exercise thinking outside the box. Q: Aviation industry is considered to be not only dynamic but also rather conservative – this also applies to being a female leader in the industry. However, in recent years we can see a lot of changes here – so in your opinion, do you feel being women in the aviation industry is also a challenge? ID: I honestly believe that although it is still a male-dominated industry, it is changing rapidly – and the industry is welcoming these changes. At Magnetic, we value attitude above being male or female – and I see a lot of other companies supporting the same values. Q: In recent years, Magnetic MRO undergo a vast amount of changes – can you share which one of those was the most exciting to you? ID: It is true – last few years have been breakthrough years for Magnetic MRO, and it would be hard for me to point out one or couple the most exciting changes as there are so many of them: expansion of engine workshop capabilities, MAC Aero Interiors production facility’s relocation to Tallinn, expansion of our business units, extended service offerings – all these changes positively impacted the growth of the company, and it makes me excited to be part of this success story. Most important is the team of professionals. Maybe it is not even about the projects that excite me the most, but the constant reminder of how many amazing people are part of this journey with me.