Faces of Magnetic: Auguste Kulickaite

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Auguste Kulickaite, our PBH Support Manager, is best described as a music lover and a person always up for a challenge: whether that‘s the run with obstacles or dynamic 24/7 work, she’s ready for it! And we’re glad to feature her the Face of Magnetic. No better month as of August for this entry, right?

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Auguste, it sounds just right to feature you as Face of Magnetic this August! Let’s kick off with you telling us all how long have you been working in the aviation industry and how you ended up working at Magnetic MRO? Auguste Kulickaite: I am glad to take part in this feature! When it comes to aviation, I have been part of this industry for five years already, and actually I have joined Magnetic team twice! Now I am working as a Support Manager at PBH team. I’ve heard about this opening from the friend and could not miss out! AV: And what are your main responsibilities at your current role? AK: My main responsibilities are total customer care and support, component supply, repair work order analysis and stock management. It is quite dynamic work – but it is also very rewarding! And to be honest, I like working in such an environment where no day is the same as one before. AV: Sounds like aviation is the right fit for you then! What about the biggest challenges you and your team is facing – what would it be? And how is your team tackling these challenges? AK: I think it is quite challenging to cope with high-value components supply issues during the night shifts! There is a lot of documentation that has to be checked and compared to the core unit, meaning that you have a limited time to evaluate the estimated repair price and find the best transportation option to deliver part on AOG basis. This means the component has to be delivered within 10 hours from receiving a purchase order. As you can see, the deadline is quite tight and the task has to be done very precisely in order to reduce cost. This is one of the “dynamic” parts of my work – and then it has to be done at night, I have to say – all the senses sharpen! However, the team is really good at coping with such challenges – both because we have quite some experience and a vast components pool, and also because we are all very good at team-work: we always help each other in finding the best solution for our client, so I believe it is working together and sharing ideas that help to tackle such challenges. AV: It seems like a challenge that sometimes can stress you out, too, right? AK: It can if you let it – but I think it is just a matter of attitude and your perception towards the situation. Since I still like the dynamics of work, for me it feels like an adrenaline rush – and a welcome one AV: Even if you like it, I am sure you have your ways of relaxing after such a dynamic workday – share your tips and tricks how do you take your head from work? AK: As many people nowadays, I find training to be very relaxing – therapeutic even. And it also brings out my competitive side – I like pushing myself to see my limits and I like to compete. I like challenges also – and then all those mixed together, I discovered I like participating in some sports events, like Alfa Run where I will be competing in for the second time this year. It is fairly extreme run – although just 5 km, it has a lot of obstacles, goes over the dirt – and is very fun! I also consider music to be my kryptonite and I listen to it all the time! I also make the playlists – and even make special playlists for various events, cafes and shops. If you need some music inspiration, head to my Spotify account and enjoy!