Faces of Magnetic: Airina Kacienaite-Krake

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A gentle go-getter, natural leader and a person who sees the world as her oyster: Airina Kacienaite-Krake, Head of Trading Department at Magnetic MRO, has been part of #MagneticFamily for less than a year but have already been up for quite some challenges. And she's ready for more!

Akvile Vzesniauskaite: Airina, lovely to feature you in Faces of Magnetic section. Let's start with you telling us all how did you end up working at the aviation industry: Airina Kacienaite-Krake: I've started my career working with a business-to-business type of car lease – and then cars became too small, moved on to bigger assets: planes! And so I've started my career in the aviation industry. I joined Magnetic team late in 2019 after a break I took to raise three lovely boys – and came back to work with a lot of ambitions and energy! I already knew a lot about the company as I knew Jonas Butautis, one of the Magnetic's fore-fathers, a while back, and always admired his passion for aviation and this company, his work ethics and values, and couldn't expect anything less from this company. AV: Although you've been part of this team for less than a year now, you've already had some challenges: from leading workshop team to becoming the Head of Trading department amid the pandemic. How did you cope with these challenges? AKK: Indeed, it has been a quite challenging period in both aviation industry and for me personally, but I can't complain as it has been difficult for many people and companies, and not exclusively those in the aviation sector. We all have to face the "new reality" and obstacles it brings. But I like the attitude which circulates around Magnetic MRO – to see such situations as an opportunity rather than restrain. And I try to follow this mindset too – would say this is the main way to meet challenges and make the most of it. In addition to the right attitude, it is the teamwork that helps in time like these: all join in to look for solutions, and when many bright, ambitious minds are pulled together, brilliant things happen. AV: So you have a lot of plans with the trading team for the nearest future? AKK: Yes, absolutely. This team is all about growth, and not just in terms of deals: we are looking for ways to expand our department offering to the clients to make their work easier also during this time. We have many assets, many people and a lot of experience; thus, it is just natural to put it all together and offer the flexible solutions that will meet our client needs. AV: Let's move from challenges and talk about more relaxed things. Can you share the best memories from working at Magnetic so far? AKK: To be honest, every time we go out with the team and other co-workers, we make the best of it, and all these get-togethers make up to the great memories. But if I have to name one, maybe it is the last year's Christmas and a pub quiz with the team which we won! AV: I was on the winning team too! It was indeed a great time. What about your free time? How do you relax and wind-down? AKK: Since I have three boys, there's a lot of active free time around our household: we often go cycling, do sports together and enjoy travelling around the country – especially now when it is far harder to travel to another country. On the other hand, I have my own hobby – it is baking! Yes, I bake cakes – and enjoy it a lot, as it takes my mind away, and the only thing I can think of is the recipe and the final outcome. I like to experiment with decorations, flavours, textures – and my family are the savvy tasters and cake experts who like to evaluate my efforts!